Group Therapy

Group Psychotherapy offers opportunity to benefit from interacting with others within the context of a therapist-led environment. It’s a chance to explore and learn about our own inner-processes, thoughts, behaviours and reactions in an encounter with others and in a supportive environment.Our group therapy will include around 8 women who will meet over 12 weeks. There will be two experienced psychotherapists to facilitate the groups and you will be able to:- listen to other women’s experiences and emotional difficulties and have a safe space to shared your own if you want to- feel less alone and isolated
– feel open to explore your emotions in a non-judgemental environment, be heard and accepted for who you areThe group therapy sessions last 1h30 minutes, every week. To make sure you get the most out of the group, we ask you to commit to attending all the sessions.Before your first session, we will arrange a meeting with you so we understand what is your going through and make sure we can support you and offer you the help you need.The group therapy fee is £30 a session.

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